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  1. H

    You know this guy?

    ❤you know this Guy?
  2. J

    Hey guys! New member here

    Hey, I'm new here and I like LPSG a lot! About me: straight but curious guy from Cluj, Romania, 20 yo.
  3. B

    Anything on @backpackyourlife?

    He is a romanian youtuber, known for his travelling vlogs, he also did a little acting before, and recently started a onlyfans where from the titles it seems he posts sextapes with girls
  4. B

    Gay Escorts Cluj-napoca

    Hi guys Does someone know real and nice escorts in the city? (Preferably tops) I've seen a few cute ones but many seems fake or scammers Thank you!
  5. L

    69superstar (chaturbate)

    Hope this thread can help to find or get info, pics, videos or something about the hot model 69superstar from chaturbate 69superstar Cámaras De Sexo En Vivo ((chaturbate)) - Megacams
  6. Cocochanel

    Mihai Traistariu, Romanian Singer

    He represented Romania at Eurovision 2006. I don’t know if that’s really him or he just pranked me with some fake dick pics, but I tried to bait him and he fell for my thirst. Judge it by yourself
  7. dutchbottom68


    On the 7th of may I will be in Bucharest... Any big cocks that want to meet up and get a blowjob? PM me if interested..