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  1. G

    Looking for room In Newcastle Upon Tyne

    Hiya, kinda desperate for new accommodation right now. If anyone in Newcastle has a please give me a chat and hopefully we can discuss a bit more. Thanks.
  2. 4

    Best Boxer Briefs For Skinny Guy

    Having trouble finding a pair of boxer briefs that fit my ass and legs decently and has enough room and support for my junk. I’m not huge anywhere from 4-5.5x 4-5 girth when I’m soft and I’ve got average low hangers. I’ve tried Jockey pouch and equipo. Fits everything fine except my junk has no...
  3. yunchy

    Room Near Clapham Junction?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a room near Clapham Junction (within about 1.5km/10 mins walking). Would be awesome if it was with a wank bud as a bonus - casual nudity of course very welcome. Budget flexible but up to about £1200 max. En suite not required but nice to have. Balcony or garden ideal...
  4. hunglad94

    Looking For A Room In London

    Hi, I am looking for a flatshare in London. If you have a room for rent message me. Zones 1-2 Central or East preferred Max 3 people in total Ideally about 35 yrs old or younger I am 25 and professional