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  1. G

    IG: Twankaa

    so I have been getting so feral for this hottie @twankaa on ig. His name is Theo, Dutch import living in L.A. and his body is godlike. he designs the dresses that Rupaul wears on drag race. he posts his ass a lot which looks perfect with the right amount of hair between the cheeks. But I’m...
  2. 7

    Rupaul's Drag Race

    guys! i'm writing an op-ed/essay about rupaul's drag race and i just want to pick everyone's brain (who watches the show): what do you qualify as good drag? sorry this isn't a sex topic haha! any help is appreciated!
  3. 1

    Chancelor Dayne Benson (ig: Chancelordayne)

    Any nude of this gorgeous dancer? he works with werq the world
  4. hennyslayer

    Manila Luzon Nudes

    Here y'all go.