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sao paulo

  1. M

    Iago Ferraz

    This sexy man is Iago Ferraz from São Paulo, Brazil. He is in a relationship with Douglas Ferraz. He has an OnlyFans page (www.OnlyFans.com/osferraz7) What do y’all think? Has anyone hooked up with him? Anything??
  2. M

    Alex Torino

    This sexy hunk is Alex Torino from Bela Vista, São Paulo - Brazil. He is incredibly sexy and have no idea what he is doing now. Does anyone know anything about him? Instagram? Anything??
  3. N

    Victor Vasconcelos C /brazilian ,sao Paolo Gay Guy,lookin For His Nudes/videos

    Hi guys I am ookin to find some sexy stuffs of this brazilian guy,He is so hot and horny with his tats.PLS help! https://www.instagram.com/victor.vasconcelos.c
  4. Passandre92

    Hi From Brazil

    Hello folks, I'm Fernando, 28 years old, from Brazil, São Paulo. Gay, Bottom, also married with a Top guy, into friendship and also threesome! I like it solo too. I'm here to meet new friends also if near to meet personally. Check out my albuns and send me a message.
  5. D

    Gabriel Prado

    Gabriel Prado, a sexy brazilian doctor, 31 years old, well known in Brazil as Ashton Kutcher look-a-like, he got famous a couple years ago on tv news. He’s always surrounded by female models, I think he’s straight Instagram: . (@gabrielndsprado) • Instagram photos and videos Twitter...
  6. I

    Visiting Sao Paulo

    I’ll be visiting Sao Paulo this week. Any good recommendations? Keen to meet other hung guys
  7. M

    Carlos henrique soares aka carlos rick (gogo stripper blue space)

    Carlos Henrique Soares (aka Carlos Rick) is a model gogo who has been performing for years in the Blue Space club in Sao Paulo. I'm posting some pics of this guy. Instagram: carlosrickoficial Blue Space: Blue Space It would be nice if someone could post nudes of him.