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  1. J

    ID Spanish Film Scene

    Hi, if anyone knows the name of this movie or film please lmk theres like an older man who is in his office or something and he sees his younger acquaintance getting out the shower in a towel and just before he walks back or somewhere else. The man asks him in spanish “desnudate” and then the...
  2. S

    Can you ID this bear or scene?

    Ho guysss i Saw a lot of this meme. I d like to know who is this lovely bear or at least where this scene come from. Thank you in advanceee
  3. CitrusSpice

    Trying to I.D. stars and/or film

    I came across a video on gayforit.eu while searching for "private male stripper" through Bing search engine and I am trying to learn the name of the film and who either of the two stars are. I tried looking through the male stars in the gay section of AEBN.com, twice, but did not find either of...
  4. Y

    Where does this scene come from?

    Does anyone know what movie/show this clip comes from?
  5. D

    Video Help ID Threesome Balcony stripping

    So many years ago, there was a scene of three guys stripping on a balcony. They were kind of dry humping and throwing the clothes off the balcony, after which they ended up fucking in bed. I cannot remember any porn actors or the name of the scene, but does anyone recall this video? Probably...
  6. wildingyandere

    Need Help Id This Scene

    found it from a twitter gif, but if anyone recognises it can u help me out lol
  7. D

    Hottest Porn Scene Of All Time

    let's settle this once and for all. which is the all time hottest scene and why (drop a link to it for reference). I'm putting forward this gem: Randy's 1st Threesome Because the bottom cannot. get. enough. dudes like him were born to be bred.
  8. A

    Photos & Videos Robby (@robbyepicsauce)

    anything on Robby? i remember a clone-a-willy video, that he after censored, and ended up deleting the explicit parts.
  9. Nkw17

    Photo Looking Bangbros? Scene.

    Looking for an Interracial possible Bangbros scene with this guy & a blk chick on a couch. At the end she was laid back & he shot soo much cum all over her. Jorge from Miami Boyz at JustUsBoys - Gallery 3437
  10. A

    Video My Favourite Porn Scenes

    Ok! So let’s start with this thread, where I’ll share all of my favourite gay scenes. Contributions are wellcome, but please, share only really hot scenes, those ones that you cum with everytime you watch. My first one: BRENDAN PATRICK & RODNEY STEELE [IM] Straight Boy Seductions 2 Part 2...
  11. H

    Help Finding Scene

    okay I swore I bookmarked it and I thought the guy was charles dera but im not so sure anymore. Anyways I do remember the guy was definatley wearing green sweatpnts and a girl was sneaking up the stairs while he was working out in the room. Then she snuck in around the corner before they had...
  12. X

    Video Looking For Gay Scene: Cafe Then Bj In Bathroom

    Hi All, I'm looking for a video of a gay scene; perhaps you've seen it. It has narration (inside the protagonist's head); It starts out in a cafe/restaurant, where the gay protagonist makes eye contact with a seemingly straight man across the way (he's sitting with a woman); this man gets...
  13. M

    Photo Tim tales scene tim k

    does anyone know which Tim tales scene is where Tim smiles? He’s so sexy when he smiles