1. rockwmeee

    Sub Bottom Here!

    Total bottom boy here love giving head. Love to be roughed up forced and having strong aggressive men savage me. Love being spanked. Face down butt up and tied is how I love it. Always down for crazy experience. Love receiving facials as well. Love when a guy just throws me down or corners me...
  2. D

    Video Id - Screaming Slave With Dildo

    Anyone know where this video is from? It's so fucking hot Slave get hard torture hard scream toy dildo -
  3. V

    Top Wants It To Hurt

    so...I find it really hot when you can tell the top wants it to hurt or that he likes making his bottom boy suffer, squeal, etc. anybody else into that? Anyone have any fav vids of this type? I struggle to find them in this specific genre. Just thought it would be good for us to put together a...
  4. A

    More like this bottom, mouth open, eyes wide?

    Love a video like Anthony's Anal Odyssey from Maverick Men where a bottom is in so much anal/prostate pleasure that their eyes go wide, their mouth opens, and their entire existence is about pleasure for a few minutes. I'll try to find more. As a bottom who feels this feeling, it fascinates me...