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  1. CaliforniaGod

    A new Master enters the chat...

    Hey there everyone. My name is Master Will (22 yo male, Bi-Sexual, USA), and I've been participating in the BDSM community for a couple of years. The one thing I demand is your obedience. It's as simple as that -- no need to over-complicate it. I understand my place in the hierarchy, and I hope...
  2. U

    Please help me who is this boy ?

    Hello Please anyone know his name or his twitter ?
  3. HunterInSeattle

    Seeking Hung In Greater Seattle Area

    Looking for hung guys in the PNW looking to get worshipped… Offering experienced service
  4. P

    Sharing Your Gf With Others?

    Not sure if it's been a thread before. Was hoping to share experiences, practices even post pics, videos.. How did the convo come up? What are some rules? Where do you guys look? Film? Condoms ? Do you let your gf decide / talk to the guy without you knowing? How open are you?
  5. H

    Seeking For Small Dicks

    hey sup! im fascinated on dudes with small dicks (4" n below) and would love to talk about it. hit me up dudes so we can start the conversation. i prefer to talk on whatsapp so hit me up if ur cool giving ur number.