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self facial

  1. S

    Photo Anyone know who or what this original video is?

  2. F

    Self-sucking thread

    Made this thread to share pictures and videos of guys self sucking or giving themselves facials.
  3. S

    Filthy Dares Skype group

    Filthy Skype Dares group. Anything goes members must participate or view, applicants stop after first 25. All ages over 21 welcome. live:kaiserkennedy69. Add yourself I will accept first 25
  4. B

    Who is the heavy cum shooter?

    Hi guys, do you know this young guy? Where can I find more videos? Thanks a lot!
  5. PervertedSon25

    Giving myself an accidentally self facial

    I accidentally gave myself a self facial, and kinda liked it.
  6. B

    Self Facial On Beard

    My latest obsession:) love seeing a big self facial hitting a beard! Anyone else have vids like this? cumbeard - XVIDEOS.COM Gozando com vontade - XVIDEOS.COM Muscle Cum Explosion - MyMusclevideo.com 480P 600K 5317994 - XVIDEOS.COM Beefy Hairy Man Cums into his Mouth - XVIDEOS.COM Arab...
  7. 1

    Self Facial Experience

    Let’s talk about self facial. I do it sometimes. I feel it really exciting. Watching my own cock over my head ready to explode then... fireworks!! It’s so good. And of course I try to swallow my cum too. I do it on cam sometimes so perhaps if someone is interesting in watching tell me. I’d love...
  8. W

    Video Videos Of Self Facials

    Hey all, Looking for some new videos of good self facial videos! Any recommendations help. Prefer if they're natural rather than forced (ie: doing a summer salt to aim at their face). I'll post one of my favorites to start. XXXSuperSoaker95 (@SSoaker95) | Twitter Prefect example of what I'm...
  9. Supersoak

    Anyone In Or Near Madison, Wi

    Hey, Madison, WI. Just moved here. Like showing off my bulge. Pumping and shooting huge. Over my head, face and wall behind me. Message me if your hung and or if you are a big shooter too. Let's have a cum shooting contest...