1. E

    Help - Phimosis Issues.

    Hello, I've been reading many posts in here and meanwhile some answer a few questions, none answer this one. I have phimosis since I can remember, I found out when I masturbated with a neighbor who pulled his foreskin down like nothing while I was there stuck, later on in porn I noticed the...
  2. JasonPharae

    Make Your Cock Less Sensitive Right After Orgasm?

    Immediately after cumming, my dick is on the far, far end of the sensitivity spectrum. Even slight contact with the head is unpleasant—it's a sensation overload. There's no painfulness; I don't need to check with a doctor or anything. It's the normal post-orgasm sensitivity, but for me it's...
  3. goander


    Try using a Altoid when giving or receiving a blow job. Very pleasurable.