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  1. F

    Porn series

    I believe in the 2000s there was a series of porn movies that were set in San Francisco, Golden Gate. Personally I found it great the fact that we could follow characters evolve, their romances and disappointments. Are there still studios making series of films like this today? If yes, which ones ?
  2. fireice42

    Duff Zayonce

  3. D

    The AZNUDE Men (Pictures and Videos) Thread

    AZNUDE have a large, free, every day growing gay (and heterosexual universe of male and female (etc) celebrity nudity where stars from all movies and series shine." Post your favourite videos from the varied and full selection of videos and pictures! Have lot's of sexy fun ❤️
  4. Aaron888

    Jose Condessa

    Any updates of jose condessa. ?
  5. B

    Photos & Videos Blown Away (netflix Series)

    anything from any of the babes? ❤️
  6. I

    Chino Darin

    Does anyone know Chino Darin? He is Ursula Corbero's boyfriend (Tokyo from Money Heist). He has the hottest body.
  7. allenjeffries51

    Men Series Sets

  8. Dan0424

    Luke Mullen

    Found this hot guy while watching some "Tyrus" videos in youtube from the show Andi Mack, go watch those if you want to see more of him. I was surprised he didn't have a thread and then realised it is because he turned 18 last month (september 2019), so be careful with the images you post. Luke...
  9. D

    Jacob Dudman (new Netflix Series The A-list)

    Anything on him?
  10. J

    Sex education

    Has anyone seen it??
  11. U


    Hey guys, who else really ships the Netflix series SENSE8?? I fucking love it, an amazing cast, and smoking hot sex scenes!! https://www.netflix.com/title/80025744