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sex drive

  1. okhotwife

    I wanted to become like kendra sinclaire

    I am a submissive Feminine looking ladyboy I like to be a proper feminine ladyboy without surgeries(Health implications) I have years of experience with different toy sizes I did sleep with men(Because many men thought I was a woman in the club but even I told them I was a ladyboy afterwards...
  2. E

    Different sex drives in relationships?

    Hey guys, question if anyone else has big differences in sex drives within a relationship? I am super horny pretty much all the time and he’s not at all, I’m lucky if he makes a move once a week these days. And I can’t make the move because I don’t want him to feel pressured to do anything or...
  3. V

    Losing Interest In My Partner Of 4 Years

    Hi. Long time listener, first time caller. I have been in a committed relationship for a little bit over a year now with someone I've been sleeping with for almost 4 years. Basically, we were in an open relationship for awhile but locked it down during quarantine. At the beginning it was great...
  4. W

    Married Men... How Often?

    married men- how often do you fuck your wife? Or women- how often does your husband fuck you?
  5. deepvoicedan

    Mental Health And Our Base Needs

    I have suffered with depression, anxiety and low self esteem my whole life. As I've gotten older and have been through difficult periods with my mental health, I've started to notice patterns in how I behave or feel. When I'm depressed I become much more basic: for example, my sexual urges...