sex positions

  1. japonesgrosso

    Best sex positions for chode dick?

    Americans use the term "chode" for a penis that is larger in girth than in length. First I would like to hear from the women on the forum, what do you think of this type of penis? Chode doesn't have to be small, sometimes it can be a medium penis, but with a very large thickness, like my case...
  2. J

    Sex positions

    Can we try to get a video for each of these sex positions. Number the according and try not to repeat numbers
  3. CyanZach

    Can you help me find videos that have this sex position?

    I find this position super hot and I am looking forward to see real guys fucking that way Anyone has any suggestions?
  4. C

    Unusual But Hot (Flexible) Sex Positions & Voyeurism - Straight, Gay, Transgender

    this thread is a bit of a 2 for 1. looking for vids with: positions like the Amazon (the penis is in the vagina but it looks like the woman is doing the fucking), T-square, etc., that look different/fun/hard-to-do (due to flexibility or practicality) or just any other positions that are not...
  5. G

    Married Guys: What Have You Found To Be Her Favorite Position?

    Thought it might be fun to compare our wives' favorite sex positions. Mine's is doggy, hands down.
  6. twisted

    Which Number Would You Rather Be?