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sex scene

  1. I

    José Ron

    I saw he’s naked in season 2 of la miner de Diablo. The second episode. He’s SUPER HOT. Anyone got any vids of the nude scenes??
  2. Le3chex

    Nathan Phillips (hot Australian Actor)

    Hot sex scene from apocalyptic movie These Final Hours
  3. E

    Male Celebrities Who Moan During Sex Scenes

    I'm always super horny for guys who moan when having sex, and over the years I've encountered some male celebrities who have really great sex noises. Feel free to add to this list with examples! David Tennant He has a lot of sex scenes, and in almost all of them he's louder than the woman which...
  4. 1

    Favorite Sex Scene In Literature

    For me: Glamorama. Just finishing this book. I’m a huge Bret Easton Ellis fan and this one doesn’t disappoint. Crazy story in a similar vein to American Psycho, but much less gory. The shower scene in this book is insanely hot. MMF threesome that is like 6 pages long and told in extreme graphic...
  5. N

    Video What Movie Is This From

    Found this online last night and I’ve seen this scene before but I can’t place what movie it’s from. I don’t recognize the actors and if you google “straight guy blindfolded getting head from a woman unaware that guy takes over” it returns a lot of results but haven’t found one that tells me...
  6. Alexis5H

    Kinyumba Mutakabbir