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sex toys

  1. _mfrankb_

    Lovehoney Mega Mighty Girthy Penis Extender Review

    Product Name: Lovehoney Mega Mighty 2 Extra Inches Girthy Penis Extender with Ball Loop Product Type: Penis Sleeve/Extender Price (as of 6/21/23): $29.99 Link...
  2. silverberrywine

    Where should I start

    Hey, I turned 18 years old couple months ago (I know fresh meat) and was wondering what sex toys should I begin using for someone who never had sex toys?
  3. Petnax

    Photo/Video - Show us your sex toys in use!

    Come on. You know you want to show us. :p
  4. J

    Men fucking toys / pocket pussy / fleshlight / fleshjack

    I think we all need / want a thread like this. A thread full of men fucking their pocket pussy, fleshlight, fleshjack, call them what ever you want. Only one simple rule: ONLY VIDEOS, no gifs, no pics, no lame chats. Just hot videos. And please put the actors names so there won't be any...
  5. DracoBean

    Photos & Videos senpaixiong/Jojoxiong2

    He has a twitter and an OF account under the names in the title. He's pretty attractive, so I'm wondering if anyone else knows him and had his content.
  6. L

    sex toy reviews

    so idk if this is a me thing but i find it very hot when guys review toys - like actual reviewing and not just simply them using them. Videos like this one, or this one right here, and tbh this guy's whole channel are a few examples. I love the idea of ppl trying to talk and putting the effort...
  7. S

    Favorite toys?

    What are some of your favorite toys? My wife and I love using anal beads, vibrating cock rings, and dildos
  8. E

    Has anyone experienced Cockblock sex toy yet?

    Hi all, I came across this brand new toy Cockblock recently and I am curious to know if anybody has tried it yet? It has entry holes for TWO dicks - apparently it's designed for two guys to have double penetration and frot. I'm curious if anyone has tried it out yet before I buy myself??
  9. Greyjoy_Dick

    Who is this hot guy in ad?

    I saw this guy a few times in a LustyAge sex toy ad and I've been trying to find out who he is with no luck. He's so hot! Please help, thanks!
  10. D

    Interactive Toy Systems?

    I've been dabbling in some "recreational" things that increase pleasure but make it more difficult to stay hard. So I've been trying toys. I have a pretty good vibrator that I like but it dies too quickly because these can be marathon sessions. But what I'm REALLY looking for is a stroker...
  11. UnCutBlackBull925

    Need Help Identifying Lexington Steele Cockrings

    Good evening there’s a solo of Lexington Steele using two types of cockring here’s the video below
  12. collegeboxerboy

    Masturbating Sleeves/fleshlight Recommendations?

    Sup everyone, This might be the wrong place to post this (which if it is please let me know), but was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on first purchase of a masturbating sleeve/ fleslight / fleshjack. I'm 7.5 inches and uncut if that helps, just wanted to see what options I've got...
  13. D

    Youtuber Incendium/sam

    INCENDIUM is a youtuber who review sex toys and use them in his videos he's pretty funny and his moans are hot
  14. S

    Favourite Sex Toys And Why...

    hi...which is your favourite sex toys and why? can you describe it and insert a pic? i want to buy a present for my lady and i need an advice THANKS :):imp:
  15. Anton565

    Corona Virus ---> Sex Toy Sales Rise?

    The other day I read that one of the big porn sites has made its premium service free to anyone in Italy. No credit card required. Also read that the mayor in one Italian town has banned orgies, gangbangs, and three-ways. The article did not mention the mayor's plans for enforcement. Here in NYC...
  16. 1

    Video Best Dildo Videos/photos

    Share your favorite dildo videos/photos...
  17. A

    Sex toy bang

  18. S

    How long will you last during sex with your partner?

    Just curious about how long can you last during sex with your partner. If less than 5 minutes, does your partner complain about you? If less than 10 minutes, how does she fell? If less than 20 minutes, Could she reach orgasm? If more than 30 minutes, Will your partner get the pleasure fully...
  19. Breathfromanother

    Celebrity dildos

    If you could own and use dildos molded from your fave celeb's dick whose would they be? My top 20 celeb dildos I'd bounce on 24/7 in random order: Dylan Minnette Jensen Ackles Idris Elba Cody Christian Kellan Lutz Zac Efron Mehcad Brooks Joe Manganiello Hugh Jackman Tyler Hoechlin Alex...