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  1. Marco Tony

    Sahil Mankas Sexy Indian Fitness Man Nude

    Some claims to have naked pictures of him and his masturbation videos. Anybody have naked pictures of him or his videos?
  2. Marco Tony

    Sexy Gay Bodybuilders (instagram And Onlyfans)

    Theres already many straight bodybuilders threads. Its time to make a gay one. Here you can share your gay bodybuilders and fitness gay men pictures and videos. sebas_el_enano Joshua James Dario Tello Suso Bautista Pedro Augusto Oscar Yerushalmi Ottoniel Yañez Vagner Lima...
  3. P

    Sharing Your Gf With Others?

    Not sure if it's been a thread before. Was hoping to share experiences, practices even post pics, videos.. How did the convo come up? What are some rules? Where do you guys look? Film? Condoms ? Do you let your gf decide / talk to the guy without you knowing? How open are you?
  4. B

    Onlyfans Yan Parubok?

    Yan Parubok photo, videó ?
  5. Marco Tony

    Men With Big Balls.

    This thread is all about big balls. Share your pictures of men with big balls here. You can caress them and massage them. They are very pleasurable.
  6. C

    What Does It Mean If Your Partner Says “thank You” After Intercourse...?

    I have had this happen twice, both times it confused me. I didn't know if they were pleased or their way of saying " I wanted a penis in me, and you provided that."
  7. C

    What Does It Mean When A Woman Says Thank You After Sex..?

    I have had this happen twice, both times it confused me. I didn't know if they were pleased or their way of saying "I wanted a penis in me, and you provided that."
  8. C

    What Does It Mean When A Woman Says Thank You After Sex...?

    I have had this happen twice, both times it confused me. I didn't know if they were pleased or their way of saying "I wanted a penis in me, and you provided that."
  9. 6

    New To Lpsg! - Gay

    Hi all, a new 25 year old gay male here. now come on, show me your cum worthy material :yum
  10. Marco Tony

    Argentinian Muscles Flexxtremmo

    Flexxtremmo used to do gay porn. He is 100% gay and he is very sexy. You can post pictures and videos of him here. ️‍Flex️‍ (@flexxtremmok) • Instagram photos and videos
  11. M

    Photos & Videos Big Cock In Tight Ass

    I want to see bottoms with big dicks up their ass. Probably the hottest thing ever seeing a tight hole get stretched. Feel free to post your fantasy or your personal pics/videos. What’s your wildest big cock experience
  12. Backtwoblk

    Nudist (me)

    Working on my website, all things me. From top to bottom, nudes, art , and life. Backtwoblk.com check it out and let me know what u think..
  13. colegrant

    Show Me Your Soft And Hard Pics !

    I wanna see it all
  14. themoister

    Horny On Ecstasy

    Has anyone ever masturbated or had sex while on ecstasy? For those of you who have rolled, you know getting and keeping an erection is near impossible most of the time. However, I just had one of those rare occasions where I was able to keep my dick up while on a really good roll. Needless to...
  15. I

    Is Anyone Playing Yareel The Virtual Sex Game

    i m intersted since i didnt see ayone talk about it.
  16. Love in a Mist

    Men Multiple Orgasm?

    Have you ever heard of men multiple orgasm? Have your experienced that? If so how could you achieve and feel from multiple orgasm?
  17. C

    Big Guy New To Topping, Need Advice

    Hi all, I've been out for 15 years but I'm still new and relatively inexperienced to topping, believe it or not. Pretty new to bottoming as well, but that is not what I need help with... I feel like I am not getting as much pleasure out of the topping experience as most other guys. Maybe this...
  18. L

    Should I Ask This Straight Colleague If I Can Suck His Dick

    So I work in a factory, there is this guy who is gorgeous, I literally love him, nobody at work knows I’m bi, and I’d prefer that, how can I subtly ask the guy if he’d want a blow Job, or is it too risky?
  19. J

    Can Anyone Id This Scene?

  20. S

    Troubles Getting Off Or Enjoying Sex With Another Guy

    Hi I’m a bi sexual male I’ve never cummed as a result of having sex with another guy. I also realized how much work it is and how it’s sometimes painful. Has anyone else experienced this or had this problem in the past? If so how did u solve it?
  21. N

    Raven Wood (rave_wood)

    Anyone have pics or vids of this sexy Hawaiian? She has an onlyfans, does anyome have it? Selling sex dropbox too! OnlyFans
  22. S

    North Virginia Fuck Club

    Get your fuck on Nova!!! I'm a bottom, Latino, into threesomes, and want to bring the north va guys together. Meet and greet below!
  23. oceanaway20

    Gay Man Open Couples

    Starting this thread so open couples can meet and eventually get together :)
  24. M

    Would You Date A Person That You Don't Find Physically Attractive?

    Imagine. You are dating a guy, he is a really great person, he treats you well, he has a great job, interesting hobbies... he is an interesting person. But physically they are ugly (simply ugly), fat, they don't take care of their physique, their hair, the clothes they use... basically they...
  25. N

    Nyc Cruising?

    I’m surprised there isn’t a thread for this: Anybody know good cruising spots in NYC? Anywhere in the 5 boroughs?
  26. M

    Dshock Onlyfans

    Someone has a pics or videos about Dshock?
  27. Strawberry17

    Porn - Trying Not To Moan Whilst On Phone

    Hi everyone, Firstly I wasn't sure where to post this so I apologise if this is not the right place. Recently I watched a video of a couple that have sex and then someone rings on the phone. The guy answers the phone but they continue to fuck. The guy that answered the phone tries his hardest...
  28. G

    Id Hung Guy Help

    Hello, could anyone help me to whose that guy's name is please? he is a webcam model
  29. G

    Your Virgin Buddy Wants To Know The Best Thing About Sex With A Woman

    Say your virgin friend wants to have sex with a woman but has never done the deed. Consider yourself a mentor with knowledge to be passed on. Aside from the obvious, "the first time is horrible," what would be your best advice, specific or otherwise, to make the experience pleasurable for him...
  30. rockwmeee

    Sub Bottom Here!

    Total bottom boy here love giving head. Love to be roughed up forced and having strong aggressive men savage me. Love being spanked. Face down butt up and tied is how I love it. Always down for crazy experience. Love receiving facials as well. Love when a guy just throws me down or corners me...