1. A

    Any horny teens / 20’s on Snapchat?

    Horny 19yo here. Add me if you are a teen or 20’s snap is: a_lee7591
  2. Blueeiffel

    Photo Snapchat (Promote and add each other)

    Hey guys wanted to make one of these where we add each other on snapchat and any other social that we want to link. Post your snapchat username and make sure to add a picture of yourself or instagram username to see who we are adding. Hopefully I see more of our LPSG community and we get to...
  3. P


    looking to sext / create a gc with fit men with big cocks for us all to sext on snapchat. if u wanna sext with me im a young vrgn bottom.
  4. 8

    I Wanna Cum..

    any one wanna to sext ... add me ki k.... 888jely
  5. Nic Walker

    Snapchat Hot Guys Jerk-off Group

    making a hot guys only snapchat group. Add me @biguywalker and make sure you let me know you wanna be in the group. Or if you got pics here, leave your @ below (gotta send body pics to be in)
  6. 1

    Seeking In Minneapolis

    I am 42, WM, overweight. I am looking for a few things. I want to explore. I have a very vanilla sex life. I'm seeking some of the following: 1. Women interested in sexting, and hooking up. Hookups would focus on her pleasure. I am good at oral, and good with my hands. I want to get you...
  7. A

    Skater Curren Caples

    He's a pretty popular skater and is hot.He’s too pretty not to have nudes. Anyone have anything? stories about him
  8. S

    Pretty boy looking for opposite and dom

    pretty got here looking for a good time on Snapchat ! Down for random pics, videos etc.. Username - sameir