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sexual anxiety

  1. JoshAeon

    Anxiety keeps from getting hard

    Any tips on how to get/keep erections while anxious? I can get hard when alone jerking off but am having some trouble getting and/or keeping an erection with another person long enough for penetration. Had sex a few times in the past and have my share of problems about it, but after a few...
  2. E

    Anal orgasm

    Hey so I’m I guess in the grand scheme of things newer to sex and usually bottom. The last two partners I’ve had though fucked me really well and I keep having this feeling of feeling like I need to pee when they are fucking me? Like what is this? Are they hitting my prostate or my bladder...
  3. 1

    Sex in a relationship

    Yo what's up... I started dating someone about a month and a half ago, he's a great guy (I'm a dude too) and he's totally my type, twinky white boy with a great hairless ass and a tight hole... And for whatever reason I can't finish (orgasm) with him... tbh it also happened at first with a...