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sexual health

  1. M

    Have you ever ran out of cum?

    Have you guys ever had orgasms with no cum coming out? Not the tantric or full body orgasm kind of way. I mean the situation where you cum couple times in a row, and your body didn’t have enough time to produce more cum, and you simply run out of cum when you reach orgasm again. I have really...
  2. S

    Is it possible that I "broke" my prostate? + supplement advice needed

    Hello! I'm turning 23 this year, and for the past 2 years I have been struggling with an ED issue ( I think) that was caused by me which I will absolutely regard as the stupidest decision in my whole life, until I die. Okay, so context. Ever since I've self discovered masturbation, it's become...
  3. F

    Research Form on your Sexual Health

    Hello, community. I am posting this in order to look for people to fill out a form regarding their sexual health. The end goal is to create a mobile application. Everything explained in more detail here: Anathema - Sexual Health Thank you in advance for participating
  4. O

    What Can I Do If My Anus Is Hyperlax?

    Hello, I need advice please! I'm 18 and I've been with my boyfriend for 3 months. I've done my first time with him and I thought his penis was too large for my ass but it went good... Turns out my anus is hyperlax! I didn't know this was possible but now he can come inside without any lub (and...
  5. JohnnyMission

    Biobidet's "vortex Wash" For Douching?

    I've been thinking about getting a bidet seat for a while, and I'm wondering about the quality of the BioBidet's "vortex wash" enema feature. Normally I use a shower shot (or a bulb when I travel), but the idea of just sitting down and getting my butt rinsed out on my toilet does sound pretty...
  6. RamblingCock

    Great Article On Male Sexuality

    As some of you know, I write a blog on my own sexual experiences and attitudes, particularly when it comes to being a late-50s male who suddenly, and through no fault of my wife's, was forced into a relative celibacy after a youth that was highly sexualized. Not only that, but I'm dealing with a...
  7. niseazz8823

    Ejaculation concern...is this normal?

    Hey if anyone has any information about this please help. I'm 34 and for the past year or so I noticed a significant decrease in amount of sperm I produce. I edge almost 90 percent of the times I masturbate. Is this prostate related or testicle related or what? Should I be concerned or is this a...