1. D

    Straight, Married, Curious

    hi, new here. I've been struggling to understand my sexuality for many years. I have always considered myself straight. i am happily married for 10 years now and have kids. I've always desired and wanted an emotional and romantic relationship with a woman but i also seem to be sexually attracted...
  2. krazykaizen

    Do you believe in labels? I think I'm bisexual, because gay and straight don't feel right to me.

    I've always been sexually attracted to dudes. I've just never called it "attraction". I went to an all-boys high school, and I would get the butterflies whenever I saw a good-looking classmate of mine. I've never acted on those feelings, because I again I didn't know that it was an attraction...
  3. /DOS/

    The XY Fog - 8 Misconceptions

    1. When you are approached sexually by another man, it’s actually not about you at all, but about their momentary satiation and ego fulfillment. 2. A man’s sex drive is fleeting and a chemical illusion.You can physically survive without it. Don’t let it sway your focus. 3. The majority of m4m...
  4. aheidla

    Gay or Nah?

    This is thread is specifically to hold a (hopefully respectful) discussion about the sexuality of men who identify as gay and also are sexually attracted to transmen. I've peeked into a couple of threads here where debates get triggered and it veers the purpose of the thread off its topic making...
  5. /DOS/

    Clearly Straight Is Fluid…

    Ever since I started exploring this site, I’ve come to learn that most, not all, so-called straight men on here are a watered down facade. When it comes down to privately expressing true self via a “darker” site forum such as this, perverted self security is abound and rampant. Why are there...
  6. ddgggg

    Uncertainty in my sexuality

    Hey, I had been having trouble figuring out my sexuality since I was a teen. I feel like I feel a certain way when I see a guy I find attractive vs. when I see a woman I find attractive, and when I watch...videos, I focus almost solely on the guy. When I try to focus on the woman, I hardly feel...
  7. Polo67890

    Am I asexual?

    Hey guys! I've been thinking about that lately while watching porn. I don't mind watching people have sex, nor masturbate to it, but when thinking about doing the same I somehow feel grossed or too anxious to even try. So I was wondering if I am '' asexual '' or maybe just scared idk plz help x)
  8. Psychotherapy

    Psychotherapy: sexuality / training

    the other week I was chatting to a friend who is a psychotherapist and this friend was telling me about a conference they had attended in Germany. During the conference my friend had a chat with another psychotherapist and they both said: I've had no discussion about 'sexuality' in my training...
  9. S

    Jealous(?) and attracted at the same time

    I am 23 years old cis gender male and I recently discovered something about my sexuality. I had sex lots of times with women in the past. But I never had sex with a male. I am definitely attracted to some men. The thing is.. I believe that I am attracted only to men that I consider as more...
  10. harduk_16

    Real gay pornstars?

    Who are your favourite properly gay pornstars? Gay4Pay guys are ~ ok ~ but you can’t beat stroking to a guy who enjoys sucking dick or getting fucked
  11. G

    “Gay”, but not wanting to interact with a penis. How to reconcile?

    Want to keep this brief… A few days ago I had the most perfect sex. It was a twinkish guy with a fit build, we hooked up twice before, but this time I had zero interaction with his penis. I had sucked it and jerked it the two times we hooked up. But after our meeting I came to this really...
  12. T

    22M: Am I really bisexual?

    This post may be long but please, leave a comment if you manage to read the entire thing. I would greatly appreciate it. Hopefully, I'm in the right area of the forum. I'm going to be as honest as possible . I'm a 22 year old guy and ever since I was a kid, I can remember being attracted to...
  13. T

    22M: Am I actually bisexual?

    This post may be long but please, leave a comment if you manage to read the entire thing. I would greatly appreciate it. Hopefully, I'm in the right area of the forum. I'm going to be as honest as possible . I'm a 22 year old guy and ever since I was a kid, I can remember being attracted to...
  14. bigboaster

    Gaydar: Did it ever even exist? Can it still exist in the modern age? (Poll)

    Do you still believe in gaydar? Was it ever even a thing? Was it helpful in a bygone era or just harmful stereotypes that hurt us? Can gaydar even be a thing now that straight men are more accepting of gender neutral activities in this day and age? Let out your thoughts please.
  15. bigboaster

    DEBATE: Should straight actors play gay characters?

    In recent years some portion of audiences have brought into question "straight actors taking gay roles" awya from gay actors and has sometimes become a sensationalist media story. Example Jack Whitehall Jack Whitehall Is Reportedly Playing Disney's First Openly Gay Character And Film Fans Are...
  16. mrt19

    Am I Asexual?

    Hey im 21 years old and very confused about my sexuality, i dont feel attracted to anyone, like (i can just be with someone stranger and would have the same feeling with someone i know) <-- hope its understandable : ) same with intimacy i dont feel anything if i have sex with someone (Male) i...
  17. D

    Can Gay People Be Closeted?

    Open to everyone.
  18. S

    Question About Army Friend

    Army young guy got back from deployment. He made friends with me and we got trashed and I slept over. He wakes me up in his room finding stuff which is fine. Then tells me he started a waterfall shower for me to get before I take off for home. I hop out in my underwears. “Whoa! Hey...
  19. H

    What Is My Sexuality

    Hey there. I am 22 from Germany male. As this is my first post you can move it if I am wrong. As the topic already says I am asking me this question long time: "What is my sexuality?" The problem is that I cannot say that I am into girls or I into boys or that I am into both. On every gender...
  20. S

    People Act Like Something Is Wrong With You?

    I heard people act like something is wrong with you for being asexual. How does it come up and what do you say?
  21. JayPR

    Why Many Straight Men Here Are So Obsessed With Deciding Who Is Straight And Who Isn't ?

    I've seen in these forums how many straight men question the heterosexuality of other straight men when they express some degree of curiosity or attraction towards males. I am not talking about men who self identify as bisexual, I am talking about men who identify themselves as straight (maybe...
  22. RamblingCock

    Great Article On Male Sexuality

    As some of you know, I write a blog on my own sexual experiences and attitudes, particularly when it comes to being a late-50s male who suddenly, and through no fault of my wife's, was forced into a relative celibacy after a youth that was highly sexualized. Not only that, but I'm dealing with a...
  23. 1T1U1F1F1Y

    Calling The 100% Club Members...

    I love women (although I couldn't eat a whole one!) but I have absolutely NO sexual, romantic or any other interest in a female other than strictly platonic/friends. There is no doubt, anxiety or second guessing in my mind on this topic. Nope, nada. Nil. I am a man who likes men and I know that...
  24. M

    A crush that drives me crazy!

    hello guys, I’m a 20 yo bisexual guy and it’s been a couple of months since I have a crush on this guy from work; we try to see each other when we can as our shifts don’t allow us to see often. But when I spend time with him, I get really confused on what he’s after, he often teases me...
  25. F

    Any anthropologists here?

    Where it be amateur, professional, or just a fan of the study.... are there any Anthropologists on LPSG? I like to consider myself an amateur anthropologist and I find this place very interesting. Anyone else?