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  1. menaregod

    Cumming on Feet

    Hello everyone, dear LPSG users, I like watching cumming videos and I also have a foot fetish. Why don't you combine these two and post videos and photos of cumming on feet under this post. I am grateful for every video you post, thank you in advance. I'll go first.

    Cock Tributes Wanted!

    Looking for studs to send pose over cock & cum tribute photos and vids.. IF I like, you just might get one in return :) DM or email.
  3. Y

    Latinboyz Rascal

    Does anyone know if there’s more of him? I’ve already seen all his latinboyz stuff

    >>would You Cum All Over My Feet & Toes?? Then Suck Them Clean??

    Encountered a LOT of foot fetish guys here, I am late 40s, happily married. Never done a real meet up but am considering a foot fetish type session.... Are there any guys here who are into getting a footjob, cumming on the feet & then licking & sucking their mess off of them?? Love to...
  5. 1

    Photo Sexy bears

    Where are the bears

    Tribute me please!

    LOVE to see you tribute my sexy feet & body... PM or email me when you do! X0X0 KF~