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sexy men

  1. etienneguy48

    Photos & Videos Sexy men in underwear

  2. etienneguy48

    Photos & Videos Horny sports guys

  3. elusivehoney06

    Photo Adrian Long: Where Is He Now?

    Adrian Long was my first gay porn crush His body is just perfection in my eyes! Muscular yet a tiny waist, that chest and the chest hairs ooof I wonder where is he and what does he look like now? Does he exist on socials? I also remember being so annoyed that his BF at those times looked like...
  4. J

    Straight Sex For Gay / Female Eyes

    Hi! This thread is to share straight sex videos for gay and female eyes. Let's enjoy delicious guys.
  5. 4

    Sexy Men From All Over

  6. J

    Michael Brunelli Mafs

    has anyone got ANYTHING on Michael from MAFS19? everything about him is so hot, his pecs are so sexy too. (also don’t be shy to submit anything from sam, billy or dan either. their daddies too)
  7. A

    Jonathan Germaine / Jonathan_germaine

    French instamodel, socialite living in Monaco. Hes straight SUPER SUPER HOT and a lil boujie. Cute smile and a sweetheart. Hes been back and forth with his ex for years. His instagram is jonathan_germaine wondering if anyone has anything on him
  8. M

    Who are these men??

    Any idea on who these sexy men are?
  9. J

    Jeff. wittek. yes. please

    Can we just talk about what a hunk of a man he is? i mean, god he’s just so gorgeous. Drop any more pics of him you have, hopefully there’s some nudes out there.