1. M

    Shaved The Base Of My Shaft Once And This Happened

    My shaft was always smooth. A few years ago I made the mistake of shaving the base of my penis. Since then, gradually and very fast I started growing hairs half way up the shaft. I continued shaving and the hairs became more amd more thick. I need to constantly shave my shaft now. I hate it...
  2. 9

    Hair On Lower Shaft - Permanent Removal

    Hi guys, I normally keep things shaved (or at least trimmed) and tidy, but I am annoyed by pubes appearing to grow roughly an inch from my pubic bone up the penis shaft. The issue is at its worst when erect, as I am a grower and the shaft skin gets obviously stretched, pulling up hairs on the...
  3. S

    What You Use To Moisturize Penis?

    I just have naturally dry skin, and looking for any good products to moist my D. Do you know/use anything good? PS:I'm not asking about sex products like lube :P
  4. NautiRogue

    Minimal swimwear at the beach

    I like to push my limits at the beach. What sexy swimwear have you worn in public?