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shaggy hair

  1. B

    Anyone knows who Orlando Piper is?

    I'm looking for the porn model who goes by Orlando (or sometimes Orlando Piper). He was in "DivineBitches" as well as their sister sites "MenInPain" and "DeviceBondage". I would like to know his real name/socials and if he's still doing porn. From his wild hair to his piercings, I find him...
  2. pinkcowboy

    Help Me Find Porn Lol

    I’m trying to find porn with guys that look like typical stoners?? Like shaggy from scooby doo kinda vibes like blonde shaggy hair, skinny?? Lol pls help if you know any
  3. trackjock13

    Shaggy, long, fluffy hair on guys...fetish?

    About to go to work if I don't answer right away. I have been realizing that just a big cock, beefy chest, young smooth 18 y/o or bubble butt are NOT my biggest turn ons. Never discriminated against age either. I get turned on by each of the various things listed above, but my BIGGEST turn on...