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  1. I

    Huge amateur cumshots

    I love a guy who can shoot massive loads, but I love it even more when it’s amateur.. the pros don’t really do it for me anymore. Does anybody else love when amateurs have huge loads?? I’ll link some of my favorites
  2. XxSherlockxX

    Massive Cumshots

    Hi! (^-^) I wanted to start a thread on huge loads, edging etc. Like this guy. :)
  3. D

    Sittin Cocked Muscle JO: Stroking Dick and Blowing Off Load

    Love rubbing out a good load, jerk-off and cum shot
  4. Couplelover

    Aussie Monster Cocks Meeting Up

    hello there why not make an Aussie hung big monster cock thread as there is for other places. big horse monster cock lads post away here, lets see if we can get a group skype session with some big meaty dicks and all shoot some loads together. 30yrs fit gym body 7 ' uncut and love to see big...
  5. G

    Let's See Your Cum Loads!

    Here is one I just shot.
  6. JDFatHead

    Shooting big loads

    Launching cum out my cock for your pleasure. Watch my many masterbating vids!