1. I

    Pissing cum/cum streams

    I have a huge cum fetish and the absolute hottest thing a guy could ever do is have one of those looong streams of cum when they start shooting! It’s usually follow by multiple high pressure shots but I’ve only ever seen huge shooters be able to do it. Does anyone have other videos? Here are...
  2. R

    Photos & Videos Can anyone help me id this hot Japanese guy??

    Please, can anyone id this guy? Or maybe provide more content of his? I'm pretty sure he's Japanese and that's all the info I have lol
  3. A

    Favourite porn star who shoots the furthest

    Right boys, who are your favourite porn stars that almost always shoots a massive load that flies high. I have a few favourites I can share but will start with D.O. He is not only a gorgeous man but fuckin hell he shoots a mile!!! Check it out here
  4. I

    Huge amateur cumshots

    I love a guy who can shoot massive loads, but I love it even more when it’s amateur.. the pros don’t really do it for me anymore. Does anybody else love when amateurs have huge loads?? I’ll link some of my favorites
  5. R

    Photos & Videos Spai, Spai_w (Worap Hat)

    Since I haven't found any thread about him, I'm creating one :) He's too hot to not have a proper thread here! This is Spai (I think his real name is Worap Hat, according to his IG -, he's Thai, has a really hot body, nice cock and is also a nice shooter. His...
  6. D

    New member

    Hey guys! I just joined this site. In For chat or more. Hmu! About myself : I'm 32yo, 7.5 inches and thick… a big shooter.
  7. M

    New here... Large pierced penis cums is with

    What's up y'all. New to the group. I'm have a larger than average pierced member, and livres to shoot far. From the Cleveland area. Love to swap pics, stories, and show off (in person and online). Let's see how this site is...
  8. H

    80s-90s Gay Porn Stars Who Shoots Big Loads

    Hi! Just wondering if anyone wants to drop some name or maybe videos of porn stars fron 1980s, 1990s, early 2000s who are real BIG shooters of cum. I have been watching a few porn films from falcon studio and kristenbjorn. Few of the guys fire a huge load! Off the top of my head, i can think of...
  9. Big Shooting Stud

    Shooting Across My Bed

    I'm a pretty big shooter... I regularly can shoot my load across the entire length of my bed. Occasionally I even splatter the wall behind my headboard. Anyone else able to do this? I would love to see your vids or pics to compare.
  10. T

    Pooh Shiesty

  11. C

    Facials And Cumshots

    Hey there - looking for any only fans with a lot of messy cummy facials and/ or men who are hung and huge cum blasters. Any recommendations would be appreciated!
  12. W

    Video Videos Of Self Facials

    Hey all, Looking for some new videos of good self facial videos! Any recommendations help. Prefer if they're natural rather than forced (ie: doing a summer salt to aim at their face). I'll post one of my favorites to start. XXXSuperSoaker95 (@SSoaker95) | Twitter Prefect example of what I'm...
  13. W

    Help Id This Chaturbate Hunk

    Hey yall, I've seen this guy's videos pop up a couple times in DudeTube via Xtube and there's been no identifying comments thus far. Help? Thanks in advance!
  14. Supersoak

    Wisconsin anyone?

    Near Eau Claire and Tomah . Any hung truckers or str8 dudes wanna compare? Love pumping and shooting massive loads . Contest?
  15. B

    Durham region edging group

    Hey this group is for hot guys looking to meet up and edge after a few days of build up. 26 vgl in Whitby, big shooter and verbal moaner here love being shaking. Hoping to find some hot guys who love to be edged till they shake and beg to cum.
  16. 3

    Photo Who is this beautiful shooter?