1. xcurtx91

    Lgbt shows focusing on the past

    Watching fellow travelers at the moment and absolutely absorbing the show, just wondering wouldn't it be great to have a show that focuses on different time periods of queer culture from London in the 50's and use of the polari slang to Germany pre ww2. This is just a late night pondering. I...
  2. U

    Looking for nudity on asian tv game shows

    Recently I saw a video of some Asian show where they were measuring dicks and it was so hot. I found this video in Asians! this forum. If anyone of you have the content similar to this please post videos or links. Most of such channels on YouTube are only for members. Sorry for poor English and...
  3. J

    Mark zapean

    Hey guys, has anyone anything about Mark Zapean ? He's on twitter and it seems like he's doing shows and stuff, but i couldn't find anything. He's fucking hot. Mark (@MarkZapean) | Twitter