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  1. Curious65


    This made me smile.
  2. Dream Big

    Curiouser And Curiouser

    Alex looked at the bottle before him with an incredulous look on his face. Drink me was printed in near script on the sticker on the bottle. The broad-shouldered, brown haired, brown eyed college freshman was American, but he was no fool, and when his professor had offered a berth on his...
  3. Badunkbadonk

    Do Any Of You Huge Men Wish You Were Smaller?

    Does the rejection and fear take its toll? Do you get sick of people wanting it until it’s right in front of them? Do you wish you could just stick it in without extended foreplay? Just wham bam in the elevator? It’s sort of like the question “Does anyone not want to be a millionaire?” Answer...
  4. B

    Lost About Half An Inch Of Erect Length - Need Advice

    This is a bit of a long story so bear with me, there's a TL;DR summary at the bottom About 3 years ago I noticed my erect penis seemed slightly smaller and I was having trouble getting erections. I went to the doc and they prescribed viagra and suggested it was probably due to the stress of...