1. 5

    Cold penis exposure

    Need advice, when going into a situation where you know its going to be cold and you know youre going to be naked, ie wnbr, skinny dipping in the cold etc…. Is there any product you can rub on your dick and balls to reduce shrinkage, not just the dick but to let your balls hang low too, any ideas?
  2. Curious65


    This made me smile.
  3. M

    Adderall And Penis Shrinkage

    I was on adderall for the past 2.5 months but stopped taking it as my penis has lost 0.5" in girth, not to mention its nearly impossible to get an erection in the first place. I've been off for a few days now and it still hasn't grown back to normal size, and I am getting worried I might have...
  4. fapok

    Self-control To Display A Semi In Public

    Apologies if this may sound repetitive to some of you. I have searched the threads on this site and could not find anything related to what I am going to post now. My question refers to the physical and mental self-control a man has to exercise to display a semi (or a hard-on, for that matter)...
  5. V

    Roleplay Based On Seinfeld "the Hamptons" Episode, "shrinkage"

    Anyone want to take a crack at roleplaying based on “The Hamptons” episode of “Seinfeld?” Ladies: You play Jane (as in "Jane's topless."). After your friend Rachel spied your boyfriend, George, changing out of his swim trunks, she gave you a report about the size of his package. It was not...
  6. milo1730

    Are tight ridged cold balls are a turn on.

    Post phots of guys with cold ball. I love how ridged they become when cold or after swimming. Post your own or pictures you found on the net.
  7. S

    Cycling and shrinkage

    I’ve been biking for years and really enjoy it. I have a road bike and also take spin classes from time to time without any issue. This morning as I got on my bike my cock started to shrivel up for some reason. I’m cut but this felt like a turtle going into its shell and being covered up. I...