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size queens

  1. mrtman327

    Bottoms & Size Queens Talking About How Much They Love Big Cock.

    This is a thread for bottoms who are talented at taking cock, either sucking or riding or worshipping in general. Let’s talk about our favorite aspects of worshipping our hung masters and how much we enjoy pleasing men with big cocks. Tops, feel free to post how great it feels when talented &...
  2. B

    Size Queens Of Tiktok

    I thought it might be of interest to compile a few tiktok videos of women discussing enthusiasm for well endowed partners and/or disinterest in small/average guys. A few examples below: #big| | with Music original sound - jessjudah Kidding, kidding, my fat azz can’t judge nobody, calm down...
  3. N


    Hi, out of curiosity made an account here to find how it is and maybe chat with some Dutch or others.
  4. S

    Of The Two Above... Whos Bigger?!

    ill starts off some
  5. T

    Unraveling penis size

    Hey...everyone.. This is an interesting website. Please click on the link below: Unraveling Size