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size worship

  1. mrtman327

    A Recounting Of My First Time With A Big Cock

    So it’s no secret that I’m somewhat of a size queen, tending to prefer the way big guys feel inside me. Today I’m very talented at taking big dick from both ends, and I’m proud of it. I’m a masculine sub; hairy all over, deep-voiced, confident, and I’m on the short side of average height which...
  2. flambago9

    Gas Station Monsters (size Worship, Bbc)

    The black guy at the local campus gas station is real. The rest of this is a dream that I had. I awoke from this dream confused. Would I really do something like this? Then I wondered if my car needed gas. -- I was on fumes, driving on the west side of town near campus. I pulled in and up to...
  3. B

    Braty Millennial Awes Late 20's Blonde Wife With Superior Size

    John and Amanda had been visiting their ocean view condo by the beach for a 3 consecutive years now. Ever since John had been promoted to Sr. Manager at his company they had been making the flight from New York and staying for at least 3-4 weeks a year for a vacation. They had purchased a...