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    Romania/London/Italy or other countries in Europe - looking for subs for roleplay

    Hey! I havent ever left my country, but I was thinking if I would do so I could have also a bit of fun. If you are a sub and you wanna try a hypnosis roleplay/mind control, here you are. You can be muscular/hairy/older/military/cop/etc. And I will say "trance" and get you under and use you. A...
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    Guys made to fuck each other

    Hey! anyone knows any videos which show guys who are made to fuck each other? I am talking bdsm-like videos, in which two slaves are made to fuck each other following their masters orders
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    Photos & Videos Alex Dom Master Slaves

    I exposed my slaves. Comment the post! Ask me for more pics!
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    Punishments For A Cyber Slave

    I have a slave that doesn't live close to me but needs to be punished ... who has ideas for good punishments ?