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  1. collegeboxerboy

    Masturbating Sleeves/fleshlight Recommendations?

    Sup everyone, This might be the wrong place to post this (which if it is please let me know), but was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on first purchase of a masturbating sleeve/ fleslight / fleshjack. I'm 7.5 inches and uncut if that helps, just wanted to see what options I've got...
  2. Myhotwife4U

    Video Where She Takes Small Cock First, Then Wants Big Dildo/sleeve Or Cock

    These vids are hard to find. My wife and I play a lot like this, typically I lick her and she uses a vibrator till she cums, then I fuck her with my 5”, then I can tell she wants more, so I slip on a sleeve then switch out for a much bigger dildo. Making her cum so easy I’ve only came across a...