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smelling underwear

  1. F

    Tops who shove underwear in bottom's face

    I love a hot top flaunting his package in a pair of sexy underwear, I've always had a fetish in that regard. Every once in awhile, the top will stuff his underwear in his bottom's mouth or shove it in his face and it makes me instantly nut. The overt act of dominance, which is always followed by...
  2. BriefsGuy

    Dads briefs

    Hi I’m a hung uncut guy. In to worn briefs: Including my Dads. Have many pairs. Anyone else?
  3. S

    Smelling underwear

    I so get turned on by smelling underwear, even my own , I also get hard when smelling light skid marks. Anybody else like smelling underwear and what do you like smelling, sweat, piss, cum ,skid marks ?