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  1. aaronxp

    Andrew Miller

    Gorgeous furry young guy...
  2. O

    Photo Please help me find this hunk

    Who’s this hunk? Can someone help
  3. D

    Photo Cute tiktoker from Bulgaria - eelyasaa

    TikTok / Ig - eelyasaa
  4. V

    Photo goran_todorov87 (bulgarian Hot Bodybuilder)

    Instagram: @goran_todorov87
  5. QueerlyBeloved

    Photo Does Anybody Know Who This Is? I'm In Love.

    He is perfection.
  6. T

    Best Smiles In Porn?

    Who ya got? :)
  7. Y

    Photo Help Me Identify This Bulgarian Hunk

  8. J


    Hello everyone :) I was scrolling through twitter when i found this gif of an absolute god. I was wondering if anyone here might know who it is? It’s for research purposes :) Man Boy GIF - Man Boy Hot - Discover & Share GIFs
  9. Pornisseurs

    Andy Lalwani (what's Trending Host)

    I was surprised that there wasn't already a thread for this adorable guy! I haven't missed a What's Trending video since he became the host.... Anyone have any photos or vids to add?? Twitter: @AndyLalwani Instagram: @andylalwani YouTube: What's Trending & Andy Lalwani.
  10. patrickchill

    22 Years Old, Well-hung

    Yeah, so as you can tell on my profile pics, I got a long dick. HMU if you wanna chat on Kik or whatever, I know I'm pretty hot and have a big butt too. I love this community! This community has really allowed me to embrace myself and my heteroflexible-ness lol.
  11. DF1994

    Jiancarlos Vasquez (@jianvasquez)

    Has this ever happened to you? You sitting in a cafe, trying desperately to focus on the mountain of work you have to get down. All of a sudden, this cute boy walks in, taking a seat in the booth not two feet away from you. Now there's no way your getting anything done as your eyes remain...