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  1. Krpt

    Id This Sexy Uber Manly Guy

    Sexy face, fit as hell, hair in the right places, love those pecs When a man like this give us his nude form, it is an experience to cherish :D
  2. B

    Straight Male Porn Star Smokers

    First post here, Love the site! Have a bit of a smoking fetish and love seeing hot male porn stars smoking cigarettes in films & interviews/bts. If anyone knows of any scenes with male porn stars smoking cigarettes, (even if named below), please share! Sorry, bot interested in guys smoking weed...
  3. Torc

    Identify This Smoker From Tumblr...

    This guy had a tumblr where he posted photographs and videos of himself smoking cigarettes. Can't remember his name and the tumblr may have been deleted. He had an instagram too, though. Think he was Central European, maybe Czech or Slovak.
  4. A

    Can Anyone Identify This Cowboy Jerking While Smoking?

    Does anyone know who is this guy? 6255911
  5. B

    Photo Guys Smoking

    I've noticed theres no thread of guys smoking (or I can't find any atleast) I don't condone or encourage smoking but can't beat hot guys having a smoke! Lets see those pics!
  6. 1

    Sleeping Smoker (vasya Satanov)

    This is a thread for Sleeping Smoker
  7. PNPTube

    Video Pnp Tube

    xvideos.com 17fc9b3b7a95c3987419b42002528f6c
  8. E

    Tony Defina

    Whatever happened to Tony Defina? He was gorgeous but seems to have disappeared since (judging by the quality of videos) around the early 2000s?