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snapchat gay

  1. S

    Jo on cam?

    Looking for guys to jo with over Snapchat. Leave your username below :)
  2. H

    Asses ready to get breed

    Hey guys, I’m creating a shared story where us bottoms can share our asses for tops to choose. Everybody welcome, just DM me your fatty juicy ass or dick to be added. Rodrigo Rompir 27 ️‍ on Snapchat
  3. Lucas3556

    Snapchat Dom

    Im 22 fit Spanish guy If you are between 26 an 36 years old, very fit and a dominant top add me on snapchat and ee can have a good time @lucassaz053
  4. Lucas3556

    Grupo de Snaochat

    Eyy, chico español de 22 años con buen fisico. Busco crear un grupo de snapchat de chicos entorno a mi edad con buen cuerpo para pajas y compartir fotos/vídeos Cualquier interesado añadidme a @lucassaz053
  5. J

    Snapchat group all ages

    Join to have fun If the link doesnt works send username Únete a mi grupo en Snapchat
  6. S

    Looking for fit/muscular snap bros

    Hey, 21 year old slim guy with a big cock looking for fit/muscular bros (20+), who like to show their abs/pecks, arms! add my snap: @frickings21 Looking for longer term buddies!
  7. L


    Someone wanna trade? I'm so Horny lmao 18 add me in my snap @e02_00 ;))))
  8. G

    Bros sc group

    Hi curious guy here trying to create a groupchat for any guys to chill n jerk together. Add me @Galls78 or leave user below
  9. B

    Cris David (cris_martinez)

    Does anyone have his nudes? Apparently it was all over reddit and lpsg but I cant find it.
  10. M

    Hairy Twink Snapchat group +18/26

    Looking to create a group of hairy Twink on Snapchat. 18-26 only and prefer people who will use the group all day. Send username and show u hairy cock/body on Snapchat!
  11. D

    d_love239073 add me on Snapchat

    I'm so horny right now, I'm fit add me on Snapchat d_love239073. Or group
  12. L

    Photos & Videos Two guys kissing on Snapchat

    So I was browsing and I accidentally stumbled on these three videos and I find these videos really hot. Basically, they’re just dude being sexy and wild on snapchat. Does anyone of you here know who these are? Does anyone here have more files of them? I want to see the whole thing, they looked...
  13. N

    Snapchat FUN 18-22 (possible group chat)

    Hi guys, add me at nutforme21, if you are around 18-23 (not strictly), I'm hairy, normal body type, bald, girthy cock. Looking for horny twinks and twunks who want to trade. If you are not willing to send face, don't add me. Im 23 and into younger guys.
  14. S

    Calling all twinks

    Add me on snap @secret_boy229 if you are a twink, twunk or athletic boy looking for some fun! I am 19 and I’m looking for someone 18-25 who is bored and wants to chat I am not fit but I’m not fat. I had abs and they disappeared magically anyways, Add me!
  15. S

    Saekorean98 (redditor)

    How does this guy not have a thread already? He's hot but seems to have got his reddit account deleted :( so I was hoping to see if anyones archived some stuff
  16. hahagshdhv

    add my snap for nudes/sexting

    Add my snap @ littlesecretgay, dark boy with slender body and medium dick, looking for older and chubbier guys.
  17. 8

    Cumshow snap

    I was camming with this guy from reddit. Tell me what you think! Enjoyy
  18. 1

    Guys only snapchat

    leave your snapchat and age below I will add you
  19. S

    18+ Snapchat Group

    Looking to create a group of fellow penis lovers on Snapchat. 18+ only and prefer people who will use the group all day - so all locations welcum. Just don’t be a dick and share your dick :) add snap below
  20. H

    Photo Does anyone know anything about this????

  21. S

    Snapchat group - guys/gays/curious

    hey everyone, I’m going to create a group on Snapchat only for guys (gays, curious, whatever) for dirty talk and to share our pictures/video. leave your user below and I’ll add you.
  22. yrslf

    French snapchat - skype list

    Hey guys ! Wanted to start a new list with people who speaking French. Hope you'll be great ;) My snap: yurslf See you there guys ;)
  23. J

    Photos & Videos Surprise me on Snapchat x

    Snap: Jaymmmmmmmmmm (10x m) Surprise me with your nudes; body, abs, cumshot, face, anything . I love watching people jerk off and cum for me. It makes me feel in control and just so much hornier for some reason. Go hit me up!!!
  24. D

    Snapchat masturbation

    hey guys, I masturbate a lot and I want to share with you guys my cum so feel free to add me on snapchat for daily pics and videos. I'm 23, skinny guy with a big dick. cole_forfun
  25. high1112

    Snap gay group

    You’ve been invited to join the group “See some things ” on Snapchat. Tap the link to join! Snapchat - Group Invite
  26. L


    I'm a DL hairy bottom looking for guys who play sports. I'd love to trade if anyone is interested, can twerk for you ;) sc: daf1a
  27. W

    Snapchat for bi dudes and straight curious discreet dudes

    Hey guys. Looking for friends that are willing to chat, talk about anything under the sun and maybe have fun sometimes. Those who can be trusted and doesn't share what happens in the app. Anyone who is up for bros or friendship? Talking about each other cultures and interests? We can make a...
  28. D

    Gay group stories

    I'm looking for gay group stories on snapchat. Add me if you have it. Sc: nojedzto Or leave your username. Only group stories or groups please.
  29. D

    Expose yourself snapchat

    Looking for doms and subs to be in a exposure snap group
  30. F

    Add me on Snapchat

    Hey, I’m 29, hairy, average and masculine. Always open for some hot chats on Snapchat. Add me: gsthlm92