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  1. D

    Video Sniffing and rimming video. Who are they?

    Ok, so I've seen this video a couple of times on Twitter but no knows who they are. If someone knows, please let me know! This is how rimming should be: passionate and tender.
  2. A

    Sniffing Bulges

    I don’t know how to explain this, I’m trying to find something that a guy worships a cock from the beginning like a tease, smelling it or getting slapped or sniffing the dick, or kissing it. some videos for reference: https://xhamster.com/videos/beta-worshiping-his-alpha-friend-xhRjgG6?pb=
  3. N

    I'm Looking For Gay Porn Underwear Ass Sniff

    I'm looking for gay porn, but I'm interested in videos where one guy licks or sniffs others guy ass, but through boxers/underwear in general. Kind of rimming but through underwear. If you know any such videos, I would be greatful for links.
  4. T

    What Studio Is This From?

    Been looking all over and just cannot remember for the life of me what the actual studio name was. Anyone happen to know?
  5. Seth Segura

    Dante colle jerk off

    Does anyone have this solo video of Dante Colle? Or know where I can find it? Dominic Pacifico: Gay Bareback and Fetish Porn
  6. uncut long

    Uncut cock with overhang for mutual play (london)

    Good looking guy here. I have a nice big uncut cock with foreskin overhang, looking for another straight or masculine guy for cock play,wanking, rubbing,sniffing etc You need to have a good body and decent looking I have kik