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  1. C

    Single Female For Big Baller

    Hey everyone! Single female from the UK looking to meet guys with genuine natural big balls. I’ve had this fetish for as long as I can remember, my ex had big balls and now I’m looking for someone who’d let me play with theirs. I’m into the following. - weighing a sac before and after sex -...
  2. 2

    Photo Post Pics Of Your Softies

    Hi everyone, post pics of your soft dicks (softies). Don't post your hard and bulge out pics . Pull down your pants and show off your softies as it is. I am staring with mine
  3. 2

    Young And Hung

    hey guys new to all this and it's very exciting can't you tell... Where are all my daddys at?
  4. ja8855

    How big do u think i'm?

    Just as the title says, check my pics and vids and tell me what do u think my size is soft and hard