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  1. D

    Alphamusclegod5 / master_marc foot pics & videos?

    If anyone has videos of this master please share Twit & IG are alphamusclegod5
  2. S

    Cum on your feet?

    Straight guys, would you let another guy cum on your feet? My straight and married best friend and I have jacked off together for many years. He likes when I watch and having the power to make me horny. He’s not gay at all but I’ve asked him a few times if he’d do something for my own pleasure...
  3. T

    Below Deck Feet

    Not trying to steal the thunder of the existing Below Deck thread, this one is for pics or vids with focus on the male feet seen on the show, may include the crew's or charter guest's feet. Keep it light and don't come in hot because people are giving their opinions on what they like and aren't...
  4. Uksa2

    Gorgeous soles of feet

    These soles get me hard as a rock each time. What do you think?
  5. D

    Marvel Actor Feet

    a thread dedicated to the sexiest hunkiest feet of the marvel cast
  6. chadfdecker

    Photo Foot Fetish Pics And Gifs

    I didn't find any thread on foot fetish pictures and gifs - sorry if I'm wrong - so I decided to start a new one and share some of my collection. Here's some foot tasting to begin with...
  7. serph789

    Photo Straight Pornstar Chad Alva Feet

    Any one else think straight porn actor Chad Alva is insanely hot? I've had a crush on him ever since he played shaggy on the porn parody of scooby doo. One thing i've yet to come across (and believe me, I have been SEARCHING) are decent foot (sole) pics of him. Any foot lovers out there can help...
  8. serph789

    Asmr Node

    I recently came across a super pretty lad. He hasn't posted videos in a while on his youtube channel but he's really CUTE ! Anything on him? FEET content from him would be most welcome but I'm also open to ANYTHING! ;P