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  1. johndoeisready


    I’ve been scouring the web for a particular model and video and I hope someone can help me find it!! I swear the guy’s name is Kris (or Chris) and I feel like his last name is Kristianson? It’s been well over a decade since I saw it last, so I’m fuzzy. In the video, he’s got a nice blonde...
  2. Il2wu51

    Photo Post A Hotel Dick Pic 2020 Experiment

    An experiment... any time you travel in 2020 post a dick pick from each hotel you visit during the year. Mix it up too, some hard, some soft, with or without cum erc. Add a comment to identify the city. Let's see how many posts there are by Dec 31, 2020!
  3. C

    Video 60fps Diy How To Cum With An Anal Buttplug

    Hey guys, curiousarrow here. This is my lastest video, again, someone gave me this great idea. I love hearing ideas from people, so if you have any idea you'd like for me to try let me know in PM. Hope you enjoy ;) this is a DIY cumming with a buttplug