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  1. Random Thoughts

    for you

  2. fakboi

    Horny Music

    So I've been looking for music and songs that would turn me on but with not much success. Most of what I came across so far is the kind of soft stuff I'd listen to on the radio on my way to work rather than something to support sexual arousal. Here are the best songs I managed to find as of...
  3. G

    Martakis | Oikonomopoulos

    Τι ωραία παιδιά ο Μαρτάκης και ο Οικονομόπουλος ρε παιδιά? Έχετε τίποτα? Greek Greece
  4. I

    Do you know the song in the background of this youtube video?

    Hello. From the start (00:00) of this video there's a song in the background. I think it's a woman singing and "pop star" might be part of the lyrics?? The song sounds catchy BUT I might revise my thoughts if/when I learn of the performer(s) + title. Thanks for reading, here's the video: