1. B

    Cock album covers

    Which is my best cock album cover, and what would you title it?
  2. Marco Tony

    How to watch the Eurovision internationally? Not aired in Canada anymore.

    I'm from canada. I would like to watch the eurovision coming in a couple of weeks. But Omni who used to air the eurovision will not air it anymore. So how canadians will be able to watch the eurovision? I dont want to watch it on youtube. Since its only the perfomances. I want to see the votes...
  3. 1

    The Songs You Have Fucked To!

    Mine in no particular order: Poker face - Gaga Glamorous - Fergie Put your leg up - Baltimore club music Legs - ZZ Top Discoteka - Starkillers Crayon - G Dragon Amok ; Bomba; Paradox- 666 Suck My Motherfucking Dick- DJ Assault When I was a sperm - Master WEL Suck on my lollipop - DJ alligator...