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  1. Marco Tony

    How to watch the Eurovision internationally? Not aired in Canada anymore.

    I'm from canada. I would like to watch the eurovision coming in a couple of weeks. But Omni who used to air the eurovision will not air it anymore. So how canadians will be able to watch the eurovision? I dont want to watch it on youtube. Since its only the perfomances. I want to see the votes...
  2. Leghunter

    The Songs You Have Fucked To!

    Mine in no particular order: Poker face - Gaga Glamorous - Fergie Put your leg up - Baltimore club music Legs - ZZ Top Discoteka - Starkillers Crayon - G Dragon Amok ; Bomba; Paradox- 666 Suck My Motherfucking Dick- DJ Assault When I was a sperm - Master WEL Suck on my lollipop - DJ alligator...