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south america

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    Photo Miguel Leonn

    Wondering about this guy, an early 2000s pornstar who I believe also escorted in New York and Florida. Originally from Venezuela, he was active until a few years ago ... wondering if anyone knows where he landed, what he's up to today and if he has a presence online anymore.
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    Fernando Gonzalez (dj Ulfer)

    I know he posted nudes but I can't find them anymore, do you have these? https://twitter.com/djulfer He has an OnlyFans called U L F E R but the content is deleted. Looks like the German rapper Mero
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    Juan Hernández Of

    Este JOvenciTO está estrenando onlyfans: OnlyFans
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    Cock comparison- latino/mexican

    The white men of LPSG have been showing out. I have seen some really impressive and beautiful proof of white Mandingo, white anaconda, white sausage, etc. They came from Germany, Belgium, the Mediterranean, France, Russia and Spain to name a few to show off and show out. This thread to a call...
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    Hot south american celebrities

    Anybody got pictures of these guys? Feel free to post more about other hot south american celebs!