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south asian

  1. F

    South Asian Twinks & Middle Eastern Twinks

    I've briefly dated one Pakistani man, but we broke up after 1 month. So, what South Asian or Middle Eastern twinks can we all see now? I'm a black guy who finds Asian twinks irresistible overall. But my top preference is South Asian & Middle Eastern twinks. My South Asian-American celebrity...
  2. A

    Uk Paki / Pakistani

    I know there are other threads relating to desi men, but i wanted to create a separate thread that appreciates young pakistani men (preferably uk born). There’s not a lot of nudes out there relating to uk south asian men as most of them like to stay discreet so please post whatever you have.
  3. hipp

    Hung, Looking For Other Hung, Indian/south Asian Guys

    24, looking to chat and trade with other hung guys, especially interested in hung indian guys. PM me. 36609511922351
  4. B

    Looking For A Sugar Daddy

    Hi Chubby south asian here, 5ft, 21 looking for a sexy daddy who ill do anything for for the right price Message me on here if interested
  5. F

    Chub looking for dom

    South Asian chub virgin guy here that wants a fit young guy to Dom me. I’m really into size contrast and since I’m quite masculine looking I feel it would be hot to get a slim guy to completely dominate me. Any guys out there?