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  1. Mysterious Monarch

    Photos & Videos Bangladeshi Thread

    I see no Bangladeshi thread, so here goes ;)
  2. J

    help id this brown guy?

    does anyone know who this guy is or have any more?? i found him on twitter lol pretty sure its a bait but would still like to see more

    Photo Another weekend, Another round of fun. ft:SouthAsianBull

    Here comes my 11th post.... This is my usual rant about me taking a break from my normal life and giving a Lil time for self loving As usual this time i jerked alot and released all those cum which I withheld for an entire week (ig my cock has taken a hard shot) anyways I hope you will enjoy...

    Photo Weekend,the time for self pleasuring - South Asian Bull

    These are the few snaps which I took while indulging in self pleasuring this weekend... probably ig this is my 8th or 9th have enjoyed my past posts ,i hope you will enjoy this tooo
  5. H

    Pure Pharoah ( @purepharaoh_ ) Hot Egyptian Arab OnlyFans Stud

    Didn't see a thread for Pure Pharoah, a super sexy Egyptian American OnlyFans creator and total Twitter slut. Beyond traditional OF content the guy also posts smutty stuff -- like him giving rim jobs in the middle of a dance club. He's very sexy. OnlyFans Twitter Some fun, below, from his...
  6. L

    Ayaan Sohail (South Asian/Pakistani) D1 Basketball Player

    Anyone got anything on this sexy 6'2 Pakistani boy? He went viral last year and has been on my mind since. I love Brown Boys and his skintone drives me fucking WILD. Would love for some nudes to appear
  7. D

    Gaurav Yadav (IG: gaurav_yadav_5575)

    Almost 900K followers and not a single thread about him. Thought I’d change that.
  8. T

    Photos & Videos Awaisjafar

    Why isn’t there a thread for this muscle god already?!?!!! He is literally perfect: charming, charismatic, handsome and with a perfect aesthetic physique. Just look at those arms, his perfectly defined abs, those full pumped pecs!!!
  9. Joseph6920

    Fucked by Rakesh (Real Story)

    Thought I’d share one of my favorite sex hook-ups. This one happened last year and is one of the hottest I’ve had in the past few years. I was going through a really horny period, using Grindr and Sniffies to hook up with random dudes. I’m in my early 50s and while I don’t go to the gym often...

    SELF LOVE IS BEST LOVE -3 (ft southasianbull)

    Hiiiii....... here's my 8th post and 3rd & final post in this ' SELF LOVE IS BEST LOVE ' series I hope you would love this pictures & if u like it leave a comment

    SELF LOVE IS BEST LOVE-2 (ft southasianbull) comes my 7th post and this is my second post in this " SELF LOVE IS BEST LOVE" series ,i hope you will enjoy this wannabe pornstar's content,if u like it then share your opinion in comments

    Photo SELF LOVE IS BEST LOVE ( ft.southasianbull )

    Hii...your wannabe pornstar here again and here comes my 6th post btw I have received few DMs Askin why i stopped posting,I was Lil busy and was away from internet but anyways I'm bacc and here are my few pics, just enjoy it and I will post this ' SELF LOVE IS BEST LOVE ' in three parts Btw...
  13. HornyJock

    Video Does anyone know who this hot hunk is?

    Does anyone know who he his I’ve been searching for months!
  14. K

    South asian/middle eastern men with white/interracial partner videos

    My favourite kind of porn is when there's a south Asian or middle Eastern guy playing with a man of a different race, but it's usually so hard to find, would love to see more hot vids out there


    So this is my 5th post and In this I have compiled few of my SEMI-HARD pics Being a wannabe pornstar I like to showoff of my nudes and as I have made lot of posts on my HARD PICS so I decided to make a compilation of SEMI HARD PICS Enjoy it


    Probably this is my 4 th post, looking at the response for my other 3 posts,I decided to make another one I'm really fat guy so I prefer selfies than back camera shots and i always had a fetish of doing porno,so as I didn't got a chance that's why I'm posting my nudes here ENJOY IT

    Looking for appreciation

    This is my third post and as usual this post contains my dick pics and gifs,so I hope you would like it and please be free to leave comments

    Rate my uncut black cock

    After looking at the response for my first post,here I'm making another post,posting few more my dick pics
  19. J

    Anything on this handsome Indian muscle god?

    Lots of hot flexing on his youtube page, but I'm hoping he has some nude modeling or porn out there. He is handsome and has a perfect body.
  20. Exbard

    Photos & Videos Asses of Color

    Wanted an ass thread for poc. Post your favourite black ass, south asian ass, arab, south american, whatever! examples
  21. M

    Help ID

    Does anyone know who this is and/or the source?
  22. L

    Michael Maliakel (Current Alladin on Broadway)

    Anyone got anything on this beautiful 6'2 Indian American Hunk? I instantly fell in love the moment i saw him ♡♡♡ His person, voice ans BODY drives me crazy. Just want to appreciate his body. I hope nudes surface or something ♡♡♡
  23. D

    Indian Bulges on the gram/snap

    Posting Indian men baiting gays with straight up VPLs and bulges.
  24. 6

    South Asian Twinks & Middle Eastern Twinks

    I've briefly dated one Pakistani man, but we broke up after 1 month. So, what South Asian or Middle Eastern twinks can we all see now? I'm a black guy who finds Asian twinks irresistible overall. But my top preference is South Asian & Middle Eastern twinks. My South Asian-American celebrity...
  25. A

    Uk / Pakistani

    I know there are other threads relating to desi men, but i wanted to create a separate thread that appreciates young pakistani men (preferably uk born). There’s not a lot of nudes out there relating to uk south asian men as most of them like to stay discreet so please post whatever you have.
  26. H

    Hung, Looking For Other Hung, Indian/south Asian Guys

    24, looking to chat and trade with other hung guys, especially interested in hung indian guys. PM me. 36609511922351
  27. B

    Looking For A Sugar Daddy

    Hi Chubby south asian here, 5ft, 21 looking for a sexy daddy who ill do anything for for the right price Message me on here if interested
  28. F

    Chub looking for dom

    South Asian chub virgin guy here that wants a fit young guy to Dom me. I’m really into size contrast and since I’m quite masculine looking I feel it would be hot to get a slim guy to completely dominate me. Any guys out there?