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  1. Iceguytv

    Netflix’a Physical 100

    South Korean show that started on Netflix. Hot guys everywhere. Tarzan is my fav. Anyone else watching?
  2. D

    Southern Louisiana fellas? Gay, Bi, Str8 (except when drunk)? Where y'at?

    27, bi Cajun lookin for something. Bored, not that far from Lafayette (kinda). Any fellas from about Pierre Part & south, holler at me. I cant do Northern LA, I dont have all my shots nor the minimum required number of visits to the parish health department to be screwin around in Monroe or...
  3. 1

    Southwest louisiana

    I’m in Houma
  4. Scguy522

    South carolina roll call

    Stand up and share your kinks so we can have some get togethers.