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  1. I

    Grindr Spams

    Watch Out For These Guys
  2. DiomedesXVI

    Possible Bots, Hacked Accts, Or Spam?

    In the past week I've received two profile comments saying the same sort of message "Thanks for visiting my profile" from two different users. Yet, these comments come from people I've never visited the profile of before receiving their comments on my profile page. Something seems afoot, their...
  3. P

    Member Banned But Spam Link Still With Us...

    Hi - I reported a "new member" this morning because he was only here to provide links to a bad site. I explained what it was then so I won't go into it here. I was thanked by someone who went there before he read my warning. I started to warn other people and was going to go back to about 40...