1. A

    Corey Lane

    Does anyone have anything on Core Lane (Australian Diver, small TikToker and ex pro Valorant player)?
  2. K

    Speedo recommendations

    Recently went on a trip with my girlfriend and brought a speedo with me as a joke.. turns out she really likes them. I didn't find the pair I brought that flattering for lack of better terms. Anyone have any suggestions on some that might accentuate things better?
  3. G

    Who Is This Guy? Doctor? Brazilian?

    Who is this guy? I saw that he is a doctor and lives in Rio de Janeiro looks a bit like Thor
  4. S

    Quennell mitchell

    Anybody got anything on this Sexy Boy? Follow him on Instagram. He's sexy as fuck although a little bit self absorbed. Talked to him a little, even though he says he's always looking for a man, he never responds when guys hit him up. But he is still sexy as fuck so here are some pics. Instagram...