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  1. P

    Looking for the name of this guy who is spitting in the sub’s mouth. He is so hot.

    I found the original video from here. Please help me find his OF or twitter. Space of freedom
  2. B

    Sloppy Wet Ass Eating

    Hi all! So I’ve followed a few threads before with best ass eating recommendations but they haven’t been the best haha… (no offence to any previous posters!) for my personal taste anyway… So just wondering does anyone else enjoy sloppy spit filled ass eating scenes? And have any faves to...
  3. jtheimpaler

    Spit - Has The World Moved On?

    So it’s 2021… Thought I’d check in on where people are at with spit play during sex? I’ve picked up a few bits from other threads and it certainly divides opinion. To contextualise it, for me (and always by mutual consent!) it’s anything from spitting on my cock (me or her) during foreplay...
  4. D

    Id Hot Guy Spit

    I know that spit isn't maybe attractive for everyone, but leaving that aside, does anyone know who is this master? I have found the video many times but idk who is that hot guy (the one who spits). I have found the video here: Spit in his face - ThisVid.com & here
  5. G

    Musical Instruments

    Any crazy experiences? Whether with an instrument or another person? For example, I was in the band in high school. I’m gay but was not out. I was attracted to this guy who was straight. He played the tuba. For those who don’t know, a tuba mouthpiece is fairly large and covers most of the...
  6. SingleBall

    Photo Sloppy Saliva

    I love to see pics of girls with saliva dripping from their chin onto their tits or playing with it. How about you? Let's share your favourite pictures on this subject...
  7. T


    Is anyone else turned on by spitting? My bf isn’t. But I like when guys spit in my mouth or on my face. What about snowballing/ swapping cum from mouth to mouth? For me I think it’s the submissiveness of it that turns me on. Anyone else?
  8. ForeignForeign

    Spit - spitting - saliva - in mouth, face, cock, body.

    Let's share spitting videos: