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  1. T

    Can someone ID please? Must be onlyfans or something.

    This guy is hot. Does someone knows his onlyfans? Or name? anything?
  2. J

    Photos & Videos Strut your stuff here

    21 yo male here and I just wanted to create a thread for everyone to post their own nsfw stuff :) Would love to see everyone’s nudes or collection of outdoor stuff too. I love a good locker room spy cam or outdoor shit and exhibitionism. Biggest respect for those who does x Nice to meet y’all
  3. M

    Any opportunities to spy on male masturbation? Videos and chats welcome!

    I have a HUGE desire to spy on men (especially straight men) jerking off. Any videos or in person opportunities within the Midwest welcome! ♥️
  4. T

    Help identify naked guy in bathroom

    Guys. I have seen this video thousands of times and I’m pretty sure the naked guy set the camera up. He’s hot as fuck but this is the only video I have ever seen him in! Are there more???
  5. L

    Photos & Videos Smart Fit Cdmx

    Para compartir historias, fotos, videos dentro de las instalaciones del gym
  6. J

    Hot Str8 Guys Feet/sandals In Random Places

    Love str8 men in there slides!! it’s so hot! Especially if they have pretty toes ((: <3 Love going to Walmart,target,Trader Joe’s,etc ; and find hot men in their sandals/flip flops/slides and ughhh... <3
  7. N

    Spy Boner

  8. XabiTrancho

    Video Straight Teens Doin Gay Things On A Webcam

    I want here to share any tipe of video (NO PROFESSIONAL) of straight teens doing sexual gay things. You can share webcams, spycams, periscopes, home made videos, etc. Don´t be avaricious and share your favorite staff
  9. 1

    Up Kilt Spy (non Porn)

    Voyeur/ spy pics of up men’s kilts, non porn cause I like the realism.
  10. M

    Backstage At Bodybuilder Competitions

    I had no idea how interesting it would be Anyone have any similar experiences?
  11. craf

    Found spy video of yourself?

    Has anyone ever found a spy video of himself/herself online? I always assumed that day would come for me but it was still a little bit of a surprise two days ago when I found a spy video of me using a public urinal. That seems to have opened up a bit of a Pandora's Box as now I have found a...