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  1. 1

    Public Toilet Peephole, Gloryhole, Overstall, Understall

    show me what you got, love public restroom/ toilet fun, spy, gloryhole, ect.
  2. L

    Gay Cruising, Voyeurism And Spying In The Netherlands / Holland

    Hello my fellow gays. Im a 21 year old gay dude from the netherlands / holland. I have always been into cruising, voyeurism and spying. So to my fellow dutchies do you know some places for cruising or spying in The Netherlands and what were your experiences there? For example at a nude beach, a...
  3. craf

    Found spy video of yourself?

    Has anyone ever found a spy video of himself/herself online? I always assumed that day would come for me but it was still a little bit of a surprise two days ago when I found a spy video of me using a public urinal. That seems to have opened up a bit of a Pandora's Box as now I have found a...
  4. S

    Video Spy cam bathroom

    I've found this voyeurism channel on xtube. He installed a hidden cam in his bathroom and he's filming the guys while they are taking a shower. casualfunbloke's Profile Activities - Xtube.com Anyone knows about similar "series" of spying videos?